Traveling Course - Foundations in Hand Therapy: Elbow to Finger Topics

Traveling Course

Title: Foundations in Hand Therapy: Elbow to Finger Topics

Presenter: Mary Barnes, MOT, CHT (bio)

This is an evidence-informed course for the upper extremity practitioner to survey topics relevant to proficiency in hand therapy and CHT Exam Prep. Fundamentals and algorithms for therapeutic evaluation and intervention will be reviewed. The course begins with a hands-on anatomy lab. Participants will identify structures on themselves, a partner and the instructor. An in-depth review of the extensor mechanism is presented with an evidence-informed review of treatments, protocols and orthotics. Evidence-informed treatment for flexor and extensor tendon injuries, OA, neuropathies and wrist pain will be explored. 

This course will present information-focused interventions based on a strong body of evidence and clinical experience. 

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

1.    Utilize improved evaluation techniques, differential diagnostic skills and provocative tests to improve patient care.
2.    Gain insight into how chronic pain can be cortically sustained and develop treatment strategies. 
3.    Describe effective treatment techniques and the elements of orthotic design for most common upper extremity injuries.
4.    Discuss the extensor mechanism and identify treatments and orthotics to avoid and correct deformities. 
5.    Demonstrate clinical judgment by choosing provocative tests considering sensitivity, specificity, PPR, and LR.
6.    Utilize evidence-informed programs for fractures, stiff hands and wrists, nerve injuries, tendon injuries, CRPS, arthritis, sprains and strains.

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