Co-Sponsored Courses

The American Society of Hand Therapists has co-sponsorship arrangements with a small number of regional courses. The arrangements are documented in individual agreements that are signed by both parties.

Review Process for ASHT Co-Sponsorship Requests

  • The applicant will submit supporting information for the co-sponsorship request to the Education Division at The staff liaison will distribute the request for review to Education Division Members.
  • Requests by division members for further information will be communicated to the division director who will work with the staff liaison to obtain the necessary additional materials from the applicant
  • Division members will consider the application on the next monthly Education Division conference call. The Education Division will vote to recommend approval or denial of the application. The Education Division’s recommendation will then be considered by the ASHT Board of Directors for a final vote.
  • The applicant will be notified of the decision by the Education Division staff liaison.
  • If a course is initially denied, the applicant may reapply for sponsorship consideration if able to meet the necessary requirements.

Criteria for ASHT Co-Sponsorship 

In order to be approved for co-sponsorship, the applicant must demonstrate that the following criteria will be met:


  • The course must be offered in a subject area aligned with the mission of ASHT and its Education Division: to provide lifelong learning experiences for therapists that support the delivery of excellence in the specialized practice of hand and upper extremity rehabilitation.
  • The course content must reflect the “Domains of Hand Therapy” outlined by the Hand Therapy Certification Commission (HTCC).

Faculty credentials 

  • Course faculty members must demonstrate expertise in the area/s they teach. Examples of demonstrated expertise might include holding the CHT credential, an advanced degree or certification in the relevant area or publication of a relevant article in a peer-reviewed journal, etc.
  • One or more of the course faculty is an ASHT member (preferred).
  • As part of their applications, course organizers will complete a conflict of interest form to disclose any potential conflicts of interest.
  • Course organizers may not represent any vendor.
  • No vendor or product representative may be a presenter in the course unless that person is also an ASHT CHT member who is presenting as an independent ASHT member without reference to his/her role as a vendor or product representative, and without reference to specific products.
  • Vendors may exhibit products or services in a separate exhibit facility.

Learning objectives / supporting evidence

  • The provider must clearly outline the learning objectives for the course.
  • Bloom’s taxonomy can serve as a working guideline for developing course objectives.
  • Course instructors must provide for review a content outline including references.
  • The course content must incorporate research evidence for the topics being addressed. For an overview of levels of evidence, please refer to

Teaching and learning methods   

In addition to didactic lectures, some course time must be devoted to either a “hands-on” lab experience or include alternative teaching formats other than lecture. Case studies discussion, discussion panels or other contemporary methods to engage the participants are all acceptable. A balance of methods of instruction for adult learning styles and strategies is preferred.

Supporting materials  

  • Participants must be provided with a written handout including but not limited to course objectives, schedule, cursory outlines and references.
  • Supporting materials may not include copyrighted materials unless accompanied by an explicit approval in writing from the publisher of the original source material.

Method of assessing participants  

  • The course provider must use one or more methods of assessing the learning of participants as appropriate to the defined course objectives, e.g. attendees’ evaluations (required for all), pre- and post-tests, questionnaires and activity monitors.
  • ASHT will have full access to results of participant course evaluation

Certificate of completion  

Course participants must receive certificates of completion which include the following information:

  • contact hours
  • name of course
  • Course sponsor
  • name of participant
  • date(s) and location
  • signatures of course sponsor representatives

Sponsorship structure 

Course sponsorship fees will be determined as follows:

  • The base sponsorship cost will be $2,500 for 0-75 participants.
  • The sponsorship cost for additional participants will be calculated at 5% of the ASHT member tuition rate per person.

Example: 100 participants attend an ASHT co-sponsored course.
ASHT member tuition cost = $200 per person

Sponsorship fee:

  • $2,500 for the first 75 participants
  • Plus 25 additional participants … 25 x (5% of $200) = $250
  • Total sponsorship fee = $2,500 + $250 = $2,750

Note: Providing ASHT members with a discounted rate results in a lower sponsorship fee.

ASHT Obligations  

In return for the course sponsorship fee ASHT undertakes the following obligations:

  1. To advertise the course as it deems appropriate. (Options include promotion on the ASHT website, member e-blast, special purpose e-blast and insertion in ASHT Times.)
  2. To allow the use of the ASHT sponsorship logo in all course brochures and materials to identify ASHT as a co-sponsor.
  3. To supply a current copy of the ASHT member mailing list to the course provider (a $900-value)

Regional Course Obligations 

The course applying for co-sponsorship agrees to the following:

  1. To complete all tasks and provide the infrastructure required to plan and operate the course, except as set forth above.
  2. To submit to ASHT for written approval prior to use, all materials identifying ASHT as a co-sponsor.
  3. To offer a discounted tuition rate to ASHT members (recommended).
  4. To offer course registration services prior to the course; and on-site during the course.
  5. To provide reasonable access to adequate food and beverages for all attendees for the duration of the course.
  6. To provide ASHT with documentation of all revenue received.
  7. To list ASHT as a co-sponsor on all course materials and brochures, using ASHT’s special purpose sponsorship logo.
  8. To indemnify and hold ASHT harmless from any costs, expenses or liabilities arising from the course, except as specifically set forth in the agreement.


  1. Courses will not be eligible for co-sponsorship within four weeks of the ASHT Annual Meeting.
  2. Co-sponsorship may be denied if content is similar to any course offered by ASHT within 12 weeks of the proposed course.
  3. ASHT reserves the right to deny co-sponsorship for any reason deemed appropriate upon application review with written explanation to be provided to the applicant.

Questions? Contact the ASHT Education Division at