Mentoring Program

ASHT's Mentoring Program is a free, volunteer-based program designed to virtually partner a therapist new to hand and upper extremity rehabilitation with a seasoned or more experienced hand therapist. The goal of the program is to assist the novice therapist in furthering their hand and upper extremity rehabilitation knowledge base.

The Mentoring Program is a member benefit and both mentors and mentees must be current ASHT members.

* We are currently in need of mentors!  Mentoring is not only extremely rewarding, but also affords the opportunity to obtain up to 30 CE hours to apply toward your CHT recertification. Being a mentor within ASHT's mentorship program can be a manageable time commitment, and ASHT will provide you with resources and guidance. Fill out the mentor form below to become an ASHT mentor!

Mentor Form - For Prospective Mentors

What is mentoring?
Mentoring is a developmental partnership between two or more individuals who share an interest in the profession of hand and upper extremity rehabilitation. The collaborative and reciprocal relationship entered by the participants promotes mutual professional growth and development. While the mentor acts as an advocate to encourage the clinical application of learning and critical thinking in new situations, the mentee identifies personal therapy goals and areas for skill development through self-reflection. An environment of mutual respect between therapists, professional development opportunities, and advancements in the specialty of hand and upper extremity therapy are all direct products of effective and efficient mentoring.

Am I a Mentor or a Mentee?
Mentees are typically those new to the profession, Pre-CHTs, CHT's returning to the profession, CHT/Non-CHT's that have little access to direct mentorship.  

Mentors are clinicians who actively engage in continued learning and skills development related to hand and UE rehabilitation. ASHT does recommend mentors have their CHT credential.  A new CHT may make a good mentor to someone getting ready to take the exam.  A seasoned therapist may be useful to a therapist working with limited access to fellow clinicians. 

How does mentoring work?
The meaningful nature of mentoring -- a video by Nancy Cannon, OTR, CHT
A sample mentoring relationship -- a videoscribe by Dianna Lunsford, OTD, M.Ed., OTR/L, CHT

How do I access HTCC mentoring material?
Mentoring Handbook
Mentoring Agreement

For Mentors: Three levels of mentorship for CE credit
For Mentees: Self-Assessment Tool

Where do I find a Level 2 Student Manual?
ASHT Manual for Clinical Educators

What is a hand therapist? / How to begin a career in hand and upper extremity therapy
Resource Flyer

How do I sign up for the Mentoring Program?
To participate in the virtual Mentoring Program, prospective mentors and mentees must fill out the request form below. The information gathered from these forms will be used to help the Mentoring Program liaison pair mentees with mentors.  All participants (Mentors and Mentees) are required to be ASHT members and be prepared to make a time commitment each month decided by the mentor/mentee pair. Mentors and mentees may then reach out to one another to determine if the mentoring relationship is acceptable to both parties. If not, the mentor and/or mentee may request a different pairing.

The Mentoring Program is a member benefit and both mentors and mentees must be current ASHT members. 

* The Mentoring Program has a need for mentors at this time and welcomes your participation as a mentor.

Mentor Form -  For Prospective Mentors 

Mentee Form - For Prospective Mentees

How do I participate in the Mentoring e-Community?
Once signed up for the Mentoring Program it is recommended that you opt-in to the Mentoring e-Community. Here you can reach out to other mentoring pairs, learn about mentoring tips, and receive notifications for virtual and in-person Mentoring Program gatherings. Mentoring committee members may also post helpful materials in the e-Community or facilitate structured discussions relating to the mentoring relationship. Mentors/mentees may remove their posts at any time or they may request a post be removed by emailing

The American Society of Hand Therapists (ASHT) is an organization of hand and upper extremity rehabilitation professionals dedicated to advancing the field of hand and upper extremity therapy by promoting education, advocacy, research and clinical standards. Mentoring plays an important part in the advancement of the specialty of hand and upper extremity therapy, therefore, ASHT encourages mentoring between the novice and advanced practitioner and provides the following resources to assist with the mentoring process. These resources are provided for general educational purposes and should not be considered as authoritative medical or legal guidance or a substitute for consultation with qualified professionals. ASHT makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to this information and specifically disclaims all warranties to the fullest extent permitted by law. Note: Before sharing patient information, make yourself aware of any HIPPA or other privacy restrictions that may apply to you and your patient.