ASHT's International Committee is committed to the mission of advancing the specialty of hand and upper extremity therapy through communication, education, research and the establishment of clinical standards throughout the international community. Here you can learn more about international hand therapy organizations, meetings and fellowships, volunteer opportunities and more.

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International Reverse Therapy Fellowship

The American Association for Hand Surgery in partnership with the American Society of Hand Therapists established the International Reverse Therapy Fellowship in 2019. The program sponsors an international hand therapist's visits with AAHS and ASHT member therapists at their institutions with the aim to provide expert training so that the Fellow may return home to improve hand and upper extremity therapy education and patient care in their country. 

The selected International Reverse Therapy Fellow will receive $10,000 USD from AAHS to be used toward a four-week visit to North America to travel to the 2023 ASHT Annual Meeting and the institutions of and train with two AAHS and ASHT member therapists. The four-week period will allow for travel and one week at each host institution. Fellowship funding will also cover attendance at the AAHS Annual Meeting in January 2024 so that the Fellow can provide a summary of their experience, and how it has changed education and care in their practice. 

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International Organizations

International Federation of Societies for Hand Therapy (IFSHT)
The mission of the IFSHT is to provide global networking and educational opportunities to develop and enhance the practice of hand therapy. IFSHT represents more than 8,500 hand therapists worldwide, and endeavors to promote the principles and practice of hand therapy internationally, thereby increasing the number of patients who receive specialized rehabilitation.

IFSHT-IFSSH Teaching Grants: IFSHT and IFSSH have joined together to support international projects that further the practice of hand therapy. Recently, a group of Canadian hand therapists traveled to Uganda to work with and teach local therapists there about hand therapy. This project was supported by a grant from the IFSHT-IFSSH International Teaching Fund.  Do you have a project or are you considering one that will further the practice of hand therapy in a country other than your own? If so, you can apply for support from IFSHT-IFSSH. Projects are eligible for up to $1,000 in funding. Click here for more information and the application forms for the IFSHT-IFSSH International Teaching Grant program.

IFSHT Publications: 
REACH Vol. 3 No. 1 - April 2023 

International Companion Clinic Program

The world is getting smaller. New technology has made it faster to connect with people around the globe, reaching even the most remote corners, an unthinkable probability a decade ago. Cheap and easy internet-based communication has replaced expensive, hardwired phone lines allowing people to connect via chat messaging and even video at little to no cost, both with archived messages or in real time. Because of this, taking part in ASHT's Companion Clinic Program is now easier than ever!

This program pairs a U.S. clinic or hand therapist with an individual in a developing country, providing a unique opportunity to create relationships between therapists practicing under a diverse set of circumstances. Through regular communication, members pursue collaboration, clinical education and professional growth while promoting best practice in the field of hand therapy around the world. The program also offers members networking opportunities, the development of new skills, and the satisfaction of actively assisting in the standardization of hand therapy practice on a global scale.

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Evelyn Mackin award from the Philadelphia Hand Foundation

Evelyn Mackin award from the American Hand Therapy Foundation

Volunteer Information

International Volunteer Toolkit
Find useful tools such as travel tips, up-to-date information on countries around the world, language tools and travel insurance.

Volunteer Organizations
Access a list of organizations that sponsor international volunteer opportunities.
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