Hands-on Orthotics

Hands-on Orthotics Workshops 

Looking for a custom-designed course to target your orthosis fabrication needs?

ASHT’s lab-intensive format

  • Creates a “hands-on” learning experience
  • Provides continuing education for your entire clinical team
  • Courses available for all learning levels, beginner to advanced
  • Flexible workshop design — one- and two-day options available
  • Fees are based on course length and content (minimum 12 registrants).
  • Host site receives one free registration for every 12 paid registrants.
  • Please allow a minimum of 10 weeks lead time when providing your preferred dates in order to allow adequate time to plan and promote the course.

"We had a great course! The manual had photos that made it easy to follow. The instructor was fantastic and patient with our varied group." – Darcy Olson

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Upcoming Schedule of Live (In-Person) Courses

Norfolk, VA
August 3, 2024
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Round Rock, TX 
August 24, 2024
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Livingston, MT
October 19, 2024
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Virtual Orthotics Fabrication Course

ASHT is proud to offer a virtual format for our popular Hands-on Orthotics course.

The Virtual Hands-on Orthotics course includes an innovative online format comprised of 15 on-demand demonstrations. A basic, intermediate and advanced option is available to benefit therapists at all levels.

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Commonly chosen courses include:

The Most Commonly Prescribed Static Orthoses: Includes mallet, hand-based digital gutter, hand-based thumb spica, wrist, forearm-based thumb spica, forearm-based ulnar gutter (metacarpal fracture orthosis), anterior elbow (cubital tunnel), and posterior elbow (long arm)

Target Audience: Therapists newer to orthosis fabrication or looking to refresh skills of commonly prescribed static orthoses

Static Progressive Orthoses and Serial Casting Solutions for Digital Stiffness: Includes static progressive MP flexion, static progressive MP extension, static progressive PIP flexion, static progressive PIP extension. intrinsic stretch, serial casting for the PIP joint, MP blocking cast

Target Audience: Therapists comfortable with static orthosis fabrication who are looking to develop their static progressive fabrication skills to solve common problems associated with digital ROM loss.

Advanced Upper Extremity Orthoses: Includes Munster brace, MP arthroplasty post-operative orthosis with derotation outrigger, hinged dorsal block for early active motion (flexor tendon repairs.), radial nerve - tenodesis orthosis, elbow turnbuckle orthosis

Target Audience: Therapists looking to enhance their orthosis fabrication skills or more complex upper extremity pathology. Should be comfortable with static orthosis fabrication.

Orthosis Solutions for the Elbow, Forearm and Wrist: Includes Munster brace, humeral fracture brace, static progressive wrist extension, static progressive forearm rotation, static progressive elbow flexion

Target Audience: Therapists comfortable with basic static orthoses who are looking to advance their skills

Therapeutic Management of the Arthritic Hand: The purpose of this workshop is to present the current state of the art for therapeutic management of the arthritic hand with a focus on orthotics. A review of the current literature will be presented related to specific treatment approaches.Orthoses that facilitate functional outcomes and pain control will be highlighted. The workshop will also include demonstrations and fabrication of specific orthotic (splinting) techniques.

Target Audience: Therapists looking to enhance their treatment of the arthritic hand through orthotic techniques

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For suggestions on orthotic fabrication that your group may be interested in, please see our Custom Orthotics Information Sheet