International Volunteer Toolkit

The International Volunteer Toolkit is a collection of useful resources to assist in the planning, preparation and participation of members of the hand therapy community traveling abroad.

Country Specific Profile Information
Travel Basics and Insurance
Health-Related Links
Travel Advisories
Language Tools

Country Specific Information

Customs Guidelines
Country Profiles
Country Watch: Political, Cultural, Demographic and Daily News Information
CIA Word Factbook: Country Profiles & Security Information
Country Studies
Lonely Planet
Altapedia Online

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Travel Basics & Insurance

World Times
Currency Information
World Weather
World Travel Guide
Travelers’ Health Products and Resources (TravMed)
Trip Insurance Information (more Info)
Quote Wright

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Health-Related Links

Immunization Information
Health & Vaccination (World Health Organization)
Traveler’s Health (Center for Disease Control)

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Travel Advisories

US Department of State Current Travel Warnings
Overseas Security Advisory Council
Terrorism Information

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Language Tools

ASHT’s English/Spanish Phrase Book for Hand Therapists, 2nd Edition
ASHT Companion Clinic Communication Guide
Google Language Tools
Bing Translator
Free Translation

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*A special thanks to Operation Giving Back for compiling many of the travel-related resources shown above. By clicking the links provided, you will be leaving the ASHT International Volunteer Toolkit page. Although ASHT has provided a link to these sites because we believe they contain information and other content that may be of interest to the hand therapy community, ASHT is not responsible for the content or timeliness of these sites. Furthermore, ASHT does not necessarily endorse all statements, opinions or information contained on these sites. Each website’s owners and creators are solely responsible for its content.