LAC How to Guide

LAC Quick Guide

1)  To access the Legislative Action Center (LAC) on the ASHT website:

  • Click on “Public Policy” ---> "Advocacy” ---> “Legislative Action Center”

2)  Once you click on the LAC tab, 2 options will be shown:

  • Members – To access the Legislative Action Center, please log into the ASHT website by clicking the green login button at the top of the page.
    • Your login will be your ASHT login credentials
  • Non-Members – To access the Legislative Action Center, please click the link on the right side of the page, that says “New? Register here”.

3)  Once you have logged in, you will have to allow cookies to use this website. There is a red link to allow access. You can also utilize a simplified version of the website if you are having trouble with allowing cookies.

4)  You should see your legislators on the right side of the screen. If you are not automatically logged into the LAC, there will be a box on the right that says “If you are already a registered user of this site, please log in below.” Simply type in your email that you utilize for ASHT and click “go.”

  • If you have recently moved, it is a good idea to ensure your address is correct to ensure you are contacting the appropriate legislators, your address will be below the legislators. If the address is incorrect, please correct this on the ASHT website via “my account” ---> “my member profile”

5)  For each bill, you can choose to “read more” or “take action.”

  • If you are using the simplified version of the website due to cookie issues, the instructions will be the same as below.

6)  Once you click “take action,” your legislators will already be listed with options for email, phone, or letter. Email is default. If legislators are not listed automatically, you may have to type in your email you utilize for ASHT and then click “go.”

  • If you want to personally address each email, select the check box with the legislator you wish to contact first. The blue check mark indicates the legislator you are sending the email to. In the “message” box, you can address the legislator by name. The email is pre-written for you. You may add any additional details if you wish to this letter.
  • Once you are satisfied with your email, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click “go”
    • Although the “go” button is under the Twitter box, this will NOT send a Tweet unless you selected that option/check box above.
  • Once you have clicked “go” the page will refresh. Your email has been sent. You may now select additional legislators to email.
  • You should receive a message that says, “Thank you for reaching out and taking action!”

7)  If you have any difficulty utilizing the main site, it is recommended to utilize the simplified version of the website. It is available on the home page of the LAC (red link underneath information about cookies).