Prosthetics Series: The Patient Perspective

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Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson entered the United States Navy in 1985 as an advanced electronic technician. He was deployed three times to the Persian Gulf, Mediterranean and North Atlantic. He was part of the first responders to the TWA Flight 800 plane crash, driving for 43 days recovering victims and wreckage.

PO Johnson was selected as the 1999 Chief of Naval Operations Shore Sailor of the Year and was transferred to Washington, DC as a Special Assistant to the CNO. He was promoted in 2000 and was deployed twice as an Officer in Charge to the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan. From 2004-2007, he was stationed in Guam where he served as the Readiness and Training department head. In 2007, he transferred to Naval Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technology Division, serving as the Readiness and Training Officer and Officer in Charge of the Foreign Material Acquisition Platoon.

After 26 years in the Navy, he retired in November 2010 and worked as a government service employee as the Foreign Material Acquisition team lead. While in this role, he was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan three times. While working overseas, Mr. Johnson was wounded by improvised homemade explosive devices resulting in the loss of fingers on his right hand and numerous shrapnel wounds throughout his body.

Podcast Episode Description

On this episode we are joined by Greg Johnson. In 2017, Greg was involved in an accident and sustained amputations of his long, ring and small fingers of his right hand.  After his injury, his goal was to restore his independence, and he found that through the use of a variety of prosthetics. Greg shares with us his experience of learning to use a variety of prostheses that have allowed him to return to work and the other activities that are meaningful to him. 

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