Pain-Guided Therapy

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Donald H. Lalonde, MD, BSc, MSc, FRCSC

Dr. Lalonde is a Professor of Surgery at Dalhousie University St John, New Brunswick Canada and the current ASSH Council Outreach and International Relations Director. He is the Past President of the Canadian Society for Surgery of the Hand, Past Chairman of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Past President of the American Association for Hand Surgery, Past President of the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons, and an Honorary Member of the American Society of Hand Therapists.

Dr. Lalonde continues to share his expertise around the world and has been an invited speaker to more than 200 international presentations and an invited professor at over 35 educational facilities in Canada and the United States. He has more than 100 peer reviewed journal publications and 10 book chapters and has been a past speaker at the ASHT Annual Meeting. His most recent publication is Wide Awake Hand Surgery, a surgeon’s (and therapist’s) guide to Wide Awake Local Anesthesia No Tourniquet Surgical technique, or WALANT.

Podcast Episode Description

In this episode, we have an open discussion with Dr. Don Lalonde, MD, BSc, MSc, FRCSC on pain-guided healing and pain-guided therapy; how to use the pencil test and apply that to clinical practice; and the variety of ways to use a relative motion orthosis for our patients. Additionally, we touch upon how to incorporate true active flexion following flexor tendon repairs versus place and hold. 

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47 minutes 50 seconds
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