Clinical Guidelines for Treating Lateral Elbow Pain

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Ann Lucado, PT, PhD, CHT

Ann Lucado is a physical therapist and Certified Hand Therapist who has specialized in upper extremity and orthopedic rehabilitation for the past 30 years. She is an active  member of the APTA’s Academy of Orthopedic Physical therapy and is currently serving as the Chair of the Research Committee and Coordinator of Clinical Practice Guideline Development for the Academy of Hand and Upper Extremity Physical Therapy. She received her Master of Science in Community Health Education and Physical Therapy and received her PhD in research methodology and design in Physical Therapy. Dr. Lucado is currently an Associate Professor in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Mercer University located in Atlanta, Georgia. She has conducted numerous instructional seminars and is the author of several research articles related to elbow tendinopathies. She headed the Guideline Development group for the recently published Clinical Practice Guideline related to Lateral Elbow Pain and Muscle Function Impairments in the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy. 

Podcast Episode Description

On this episode, we are joined by Ann Lucado, a physical therapist and Certified Hand Therapist who led a team of clinicians to develop the clinical practice guideline, “Lateral Elbow Pain and Muscle Function Impairments.” Ann shares with us what a clinical practice guideline is and how they are developed, as well as the results of this guideline and how therapists treating patients with lateral elbow pain can best utilize the evidence. 

Recommended article to review:
"Lateral Elbow Pain and Muscle Function Impairments"
from Journal of Orthopaedic Sport Physical Therapy

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