Burnout in Hand Therapy

Featured Guest(s)
Lynn Festa, OTR, CHT, CDWF

Lynn Festa, OTR, CHT, CDWF, attained the hand therapy certification in 1995 and has worked as a clinician and business owner in a variety of settings for over 32 years. In 2012, she found herself disillusioned with her career in healthcare, prompting her journey to become a coach to other professionals who are also seeking more fulfillment from their careers. Lynn now combines her work as an OT with providing training and guidance to professionals in promoting wellness and resilience, and limiting burnout. She attained a certificate in positive psychology, a certificate in “the science of happiness at work,” and is a Certified Daring Way Facilitator through The Daring Way ™. Lynn is also an HSP knowledgeable professional and loves to help others with Sensory Processing Sensitivity flourish in today’s hectic environment. She has presented at international, national and state conferences, webinars, keynotes and group workshops.

Podcast Episode Description

Many of us would be lying if we said we have never experienced burnout at some point in our career as hand therapists. Unfortunately, burnout is real. Many therapists struggle with high job expectations, but find it difficult to find balance. Today, we are discussing burnout versus moral injury and what contributes to this. We are going to pick the brain of our guest, Lynn Festa, on how to recognize the signs and take time for self-care.


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