AHTF Grants And How To Apply

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April Cowan, OTR, OTD, CHT

April C. Cowan, OTD, OTR, CHT, graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch in 1990. She achieved the Certified Hand Therapist specialization in 2002 and earned a post-professional doctorate in occupational therapy in 2012. Dr. Cowan is a faculty member within the Occupational Therapy Department in the School of Health Professions at the University of Texas Medical Branch. She is an Associate Professor and teaches classes in the management of upper extremity conditions, capstone project development, and evidence-based practice. Her teaching duties include development and delivery of educational curricula to both entry-level and post-professional doctoral students, including functioning as the Program Director for the post-professional program. She advises students on the completion of systematic reviews and clinical capstone projects in upper extremity rehabilitation. She engages in hand therapy clinical practice in the university-sponsored clinic for underserved persons in the local community. A favored professional accomplishment is her work as the Director of Grants for the American Hand Therapy Foundation.

Podcast Episode Description

On this episode, we are joined by April Cowan, OTR, OTD, CHT to discuss grant funding that the American Hand Therapy Foundation (AHTF) has to offer. AHTF has funding available for research and educational purposes. Often, this funding is not awarded because there are no applications received. April shares with us the various grants that AHTF awards and how to apply and make your application stand out. 

A grant for a novice researcher

A grant for the experienced researcher:

Researchers seeking seed funds or to complete a pilot study:

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