Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee is seeking 2-3 hand therapy professionals (CHT; OT or PT, but would like at least 1 PT) with leadership experience - volunteer and/or professional (e.g., within ASHT; within state organizations; within parent organizations; within professional settings; etc.) - to join our committee.

The purpose of the Leadership Development Committee is to facilitate opportunities for members to grow their leadership skills that can help them potentially transition into leadership opportunities both within ASHT and within the hand therapy community as a whole. This may involve a variety of project development opportunities. This committee is under the leadership of the ASHT Vice President.

Typically the committee holds a call every 1-2 months and committee members can expect to spend 1-5 hours a month on committee activities.

Term Length
2 - 3 years
Application Deadline
Number of Available Openings
Participation Eligibility
Curriculum Vitae Required
Letter of Intent Required