The Education Division Mentoring Committee is looking for experienced therapists to establish a mentoring relationship with a novice practitioner utilizing the Hand Therapy Certification Commission Mentoring Handbook, including a mentoring contract. The committee is looking for therapists in various geographical areas to be on our list of potential regional mentors. When potential mentees request mentors we will attempt to pair them with someone in a similar geographical area to facilitate clinical learning via email, phone conversation, or in-person (via app or face-to-face) through agreed upon means (e.g. case studies, review of literature, UE Institute).

To learn more, please visit our Mentoring Program page. Those interested in volunteering to serve as a mentor are asked to complete this form

Divisions and Committees
Education Division
Term Length
6 months - 1 year
Areas of Interest
Participation Eligibility
Curriculum Vitae Required
Letter of Intent Required