HandCare Blog Writer

Interested in being more involved with ASHT, but think you don’t have enough time? Considering volunteering to write blog posts for a patient/public audience.

ASHT contributes to ASSH's HandCare.org blog on a monthly basis as part of our Advice from a Certified Hand Therapist series. Posts are typically 3-4 paragraphs and written in a Q&A format in lay language for patients to easily understand (example: electronic device safety, leash safety). This is a flexible opportunity. Volunteers work with a submission editor from the Technology & Communication Committee, and can contribute as often as their schedule permits. CHT preferred.

Divisions and Committees
Technology & Communication Committee
Term Length
0 - 6 months
Areas of Interest
Participation Eligibility
Nonmember (includes members)
Curriculum Vitae Required
Letter of Intent Required
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