AHTF Grants Division Member

Volunteers Needed!!!

Eligibility: Research knowledge and a willingness to support the science of hand therapy.

Responsibilities: As an active division member:

  • Participate in building / maintaining grants division infrastructure
  • Assist with pre-award, award, and post-award procedures
  • Review research grant applications
  • Marketing / publicizing grant opportunities
  • Assist with keeping website current
  • Join monthly meetings and annual meeting at ASHT conference
  • Support AHTF operations  

Time Commitment for Grants Division Volunteers: Monthly meetings and duties as assigned (~2-4 hours per month).

Timelines for Serving the AHTF Grants Division: 

  • Research grants under review: April 1 – May 31
  • Educational scholarships under review: June 1 – August 31

For more information about AHTF grants see: https://www.ahtf.org/grants/

If you think you might be interested, express your interest and submit your CV to April C. Cowan, OTR,OTD, CHT, at: grants@ahtf.org.  


Term Length
1 - 2 years
Areas of Interest
Participation Eligibility
Curriculum Vitae Required
Letter of Intent Required