Advocacy Committee Member

The Practice Division implements initiatives identified in the annual strategic plan; monitors industry, legal and regulatory trends; and provides up-to-date information to members.

Public policy is the guideline adopted by a governing body in order to address the needs of its citizens. Public policy consists of constitutional laws, legislative acts and judicial decisions from which regulatory measures and funding priorities are determined. ASHT recognizes through its mission, vision statement and strategic goals the responsibility of hand and upper extremity rehabilitation professionals to support the specialty and the public through active involvement in advocating for and responding to public policy initiatives as guided by the Practice Division's Advocacy Committee.

The Advocacy Committee tracks federal and state legislation in order to identify initiatives potentially impacting the practice of hand and upper extremity rehabilitation. This committee provides member communication regarding targeted legislation and advocacy guidance and opportunities for ASHT members. The Advocacy Committee acts to support hand therapists, assists in empowering therapists and promotes making our voices heard.

ASHT is seeking volunteers in any membership category to serve two-year terms on the Advocacy Committee.

Divisions and Committees
Practice Division
Term Length
1 - 2 years
Areas of Interest
Participation Eligibility
Curriculum Vitae Required
Letter of Intent Required