2022 Call for Awards Nominations

Posted by Mary Mundrane-Zweiacher, MPT, ATC, CHT 05/10/2022

Attention all ASHT members! We have built our careers and community service on amazing clinicians that have come before us and serve with us. It is important for us to recognize these pioneers and realize their influence on what we do today. This is your opportunity to recognize and award our ASHT colleagues who have made significant contributions to our field and have given us a foundation on which to build our specialty. ASHT has multiple awards given at the Annual Meeting that recognize the hard work and accomplishments of distinguished individuals; however, the ASHT Awards Committee needs YOUR members to review the criteria for these awards and nominate deserving members.

The Award Committee is very happy to introduce two new awards this year that highlight members' grassroots efforts on behalf of hand and upper extremity therapy and show appreciation for the efforts of emerging hand therapists who are providing a glimpse into the future of the specialty.

New Award for 2022:

  • The Best Grassroots Effort Award recognizes an ASHT member or group’s (e.g. a state association/hospital system/academic institution, etc.) passionate and consistent involvement in governmental affairs at the national, state and/or local level during that fiscal year. This includes efforts to educate the public about hand therapy during Hand Therapy Week and we can’t wait to see what our members come up with!
  • The Emerging Hand Therapist Award recognizes the efforts to promote hand and upper extremity therapy by Certified Hand Therapists within the first five years of initial HTCC certification as they begin in their specialty careers. The committee wants to recognize the legacy of these emerging hand therapists!

Established Awards:

  • The Nathalie Barr Lectureship Award is among ASHT’s highest honors, recognizing and honoring a member of the American Society of Hand Therapists who has made significant original contributions to hand rehabilitation. The nominee must have shared their knowledge and skill through publications and speaking presentations.
  • The Paul Brand Award recognizes individuals who have exemplified humanitarianism in their work as a hand therapist in addition to providing clinical and professional excellence in several facets of practice.
  • The MacDermid Lifetime Scientific Award in Hand Therapy recognizes an ASHT member who has made effective contributions through research to the science and practice of hand rehabilitation
  • Lifetime Fellowship status is an honor awarded to individuals in recognition of career-long contributions to the society and the field of hand rehabilitation.
  • The Hall of Fame Award was established to recognize hand therapists who have reached the pinnacle of excellence in all areas of hand and upper extremity therapy. The areas identified for excellence include clinical practice, research, advocacy, education, international involvement, and innovation. The nomination is open to former hand and upper extremity therapists currently retired from the profession. Nominees must be former (or current Retired) ASHT members with previous volunteer and leadership experience within the Society.
  • Honorary Membership status recognizes individuals for their long-term professional interest and interaction with the society.

Does someone come to mind that is deserving of any of these awards? Now is your opportunity and responsibility to recognize them! We need your help to hear about all the great things people are accomplishing in our field. For full details on these awards and the nomination process, please visit the ASHT Awards pageThe submission deadline for nominations is June 15, 2022. On behalf of the ASHT Awards Committee, we thank you in advance for your nomination and your commitment to acknowledging our colleagues for advancing out profession. We look forward to your assistance in recognizing our distinguished colleagues.

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