101 Creative Therapy Ideas

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101 Creative Therapy Ideas - Jill Peck-Murray and Carolyn Phelan are occupational therapists and certified hand therapists. They have been collaborating on projects for over 20 years. This manual began when they started sharing treatment ideas and got excited about sharing with others. They presented some of these exercises at the San Diego Hand Special Interest Group and attendees encouraged them to write a manual so other therapists could use these ideas with their clients/patients. Jill uses these creative therapy exercises with her pediatric hand patients and also lectures nationally sharing these ideas around the country. Carolyn works in an outpatient facility with adult hand clients/patients and skillfully uses these devices daily. She continues to create new ideas in her home workshop.

In this time of transitioning to telehealth, many therapists who work with pediatric and adult patients are reaching out to collagues for ideas on how to facilitate therapy in the home environment. A good reference is the book 101 Creative Therapy Ideas: Upper Extremity and Hand Therapy Exercises for Adult and Pediatric Patients by Jill Peck-Murray & Carolyn Phelan. It was designed to offer suggestions to use common everyday or low cost items for home programs. The spiral bound manual is divided into two chapters: body part and function. Individual pages for each exercise are scannable and include purpose (therapy goals), supplies needed, assembly directions and instructions for use of the device. This book can be an excellent tool to help facilitate therapy in the clinic, as well as, the telehealth arena.

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