Prosthetics Series: Hand Therapy and Prosthetics

Featured Guest(s)
Haley Van Escobar, MOTR/L, CHT

Haley Van Escobar, MOTR/L, CHT is a certified hand therapist with a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy and more than a decade of experience caring for the upper extremity. She is excited about innovation, great clinical skills, and the ‘why’ we do what we do. Haley provides hand therapy consultation for Naked Prosthetics, the leading manufacturer of partial-hand prosthetics. In this role, constant collaboration with a team of a variety of healthcare professionals allows Haley to get people back to life through prosthetic intervention. Inspired by great clinical outcomes and relationships, Haley works to advance the practice of hand therapy through creating top-tier educational events and workshops, approved for credit by AOTA which can be found on her website. Haley is a contributor to Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation, 4th edition, serves as project lead for the ASHT Education Division, and serves on AAHS’s Education Committee.

Podcast Episode Description

On this episode, we are joined by Haley Van Escobar, an occupational therapist and Certified Hand Therapist who serves in a unique role as a consultant for a prosthetics company. Haley shares with us how she transitioned into this role and how a hand therapist is vital to a multidisciplinary team when addressing partial hand amputations.

Originally Presented
44 minutes 17 seconds
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