Engaging Entry-Level Students in Hand Therapy

Featured Guest(s)
Nathan Short, PhD, OTD, OTD/L, CHT

Nathan Short is an associate professor with the Huntington University OTD program and is clinically-active in hand and upper extremity rehab. He received his OTD from Belmont University and his PhD from Kingston University in London, England. He leads a partnership with Huntington University and Joni and Friends’ Cause4Life, providing seating and mobility services for people with disabilities in developing countries. Nathan is the author of Functional Anatomy for Occupational Therapy and its complimentary e-textbook OT Guide to Goniometry and MMT which are scheduled for publication later this year through Books of Discovery.


Podcast Episode Description

In this episode, we are joined by Nathan Short, an occupational therapist and hand therapist who splits his time between the clinic and the classroom. Nathan has a strong interest in preparing his students to be successful in a hand therapy clinic on their clinical rotations and as they start their journey to become Certified Hand Therapists. We will discuss his research findings and how the occupational therapy program he is a faculty member of has worked to engage its students in hand and upper extremity therapy. 

Originally Presented
27 minutes
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