Current Trends in Treatment

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Jill Yanick, OTR/L, CHT

Jill is an OT/CHT currently working for ProFlex Physical Therapy in Maryland where she serves as the Director of Education and Clinical Competency. Jill currently serves on ASHT’s Education Division as the Mentoring Program Liaison in addition to lecturing for the UE Institute. She has a strong passion for mentorship and clinical education as a means to help grow the profession of hand therapy

Podcast Episode Description

On this episode Jill Yanick, OTR/L, CHT joins us to discuss a variety of tools that you might have in your toolbox or may be interested in adding. We discuss utilizing cupping/myofascial release and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. We also discuss an introduction to blood flow restriction for the upper extremity, dry needling and taping. Jill offers us some great thoughts on how these tools can be an adjunct in your clinical practice.

Originally Presented
51 minutes 28 seconds
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