Celebrating the Enduring Dedication of our Volunteers

Posted by Aviva Wolff, EdD, OTR, CHT 04/22/2024

As we gather to celebrate National Volunteer Week, I am reminded of the invaluable contributions each of you brings to our hand therapy community. Under the theme of my presidency, "Knowledge Philanthropy," we embrace the idea that sharing our expertise is not just a service but a gift of enduring value. The American Society of Hand Therapy thrives on your unwavering dedication and the vibrant spirit of volunteerism that propels our mission forward. From our Board of Directors to our committees and divisions, your commitment is the cornerstone of our collective success and progress.

Volunteering offers profound personal and professional rewards, enriching our lives and enhancing our well-being. It fosters connections, builds communities, and sets a standard for generosity that resonates throughout our society. The ripple effects of your contributions enhance not only our field but also the broader community, affirming the power of sharing knowledge and time.

This year, your remarkable efforts have demonstrated the transformative impact of our collective work, advancing the specialty and enriching lives. We currently have numerous opportunities for those eager to continue sharing their knowledge and further engaging with our community.

A particularly inspiring story from this past year highlights the impact of volunteer-driven innovation. Several of our members noticed a significant gap in our offerings specifically addressing pediatric hand therapy. Recognizing the need, they proposed the development of specialized educational programs focused on this vital area. Due to their proactive efforts, we are excited to introduce the inaugural Pediatric Hand Therapy Specialty Day — a comprehensive program — at this year’s Annual Meeting, which will be enhanced by monthly pediatric hand case review sessions. These initiatives have not only filled a crucial gap, but have also set a new standard for our commitment to comprehensive care in hand and upper extremity therapy.

As we move forward, I urge each of you to deepen your involvement in ASHT. Whether by joining a committee, participating in our educational offerings, or attending our annual conference, your engagement is essential for our continued vitality. Every contribution, no matter the size, plays a crucial role in our success.

To all our volunteers, thank you for your boundless energy and commitment. You are the heart and soul of ASHT, and your contributions are truly priceless. Together, we continue the noble tradition of volunteerism, assured that our collective efforts are making a meaningful difference.

With deepest gratitude and warmest regards,

Aviva Wolff, EdD, OTR, CHT
2023-2024 ASHT President